HGTV TufBoard Video

TufBoard is one of the Cellular PVC products that Shoreline uses to make PVC trim products.  Compare and save with TufBoard.

HGTV has created an excellent video introduction to TufBoard.  Get to know what your PVC options are.  We invite you to take a look at the HGTV video at:

watch the
TufBoard Video

(WindowsMedia version here)

See our Products Page for examples of our PVC millwork products installed in commercial and residential buildings.

Our experience in manufacturing Custom PVC products for commercial and residential building projects puts us light years ahead of the competition in the manufacturing of Custom PVC millwork.  We provide the building industry with interior/exterior trim and other assemblies as well as landscape and architectural design products, and custom PVC and wood based products.  If it can be built, Shoreline can do it.   Our Custom PVC products reduce your installation labor significantly and are virtually maintenance free for your clients.